Modesty Blaise

Modesty Blaise is a British comic strip featuring a fictional character of the same name, created by author Peter O’Donnell and illustrator Jim Holdaway in 1963.
The strip follows Modesty Blaise, an exceptional young woman with many talents and a criminal past, and her trusty sidekick Willie Garvin.

It was adapted into films in 1966, 1982, and 2003, and from 1965 onwards eleven novels and two short story collections were written.




Modesty Blaise

Modesty Blaise: Character Background
Modesty’s Men
Modesty’s and Willie’s outdoor sports and activities (other than the combative ones)
Modesty’s and Willie’s skills and hobbys
Modesty’s and Willie’s music
Languages Modesty and Willie speak

Willie Garvin

Willie Garvin: Character traits
Willie Garvin: Fate
Willie Garvin: Portrayals
Willie’s Girls
Willie’s Psalms and saints

Peter O’Donnell


Modesty Blaise (novel)
A Taste for Death
The Impossible Virgin
Pieces of Modesty (Short stories)
The Silver Mistress
Last Day in Limbo
Dragon’s Claw
The Xanadu Talisman
The Night of Morningstar
Dead Man’s Handle
Cobra Trap (Short stories)

Comic Strip

Differences between comic strip and books


Modesty Blaise (1966)
Modesty Blaise (1982)
My Name Is Modesty (2003)

Audio Formats

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