Audio Formats

Last Day in Limbo was adapted as a BBC World Service six-part radio drama in 1978 with Barbara Kellerman as Modesty, James Bolam as Willie and Richard Vernon as Tarrant.

I Had a Date with Lady Janet (the short story from Pieces of Modesty) was published as an audio tape reading by Pickwick Talking Books in the early 1980s, featuring John Thaw as Willie (the story is a first-person tale told from Willie Garvin’s point of view).

BBC Radio 4 has broadcast adaptations of three of the books in their „15 Minute Drama“ slot, each in five fifteen-minute episodes, adapted by Stef Penney and produced/directed by Kate McAll, starring Daphne Alexander as Modesty, with music by Will Gregory, arranged by Ian Gardiner.

A Taste for Death was originally broadcast from 17–21 December 2012, featuring Carl Prekopp as Willie and Alun Armstrong as Tarrant, with Sam Dale (Simon Delicata), Geoffrey Streatfeild (Steve Collier), Samantha Dakin (Dinah Pilgrim), Alex Fearns (McWhirter), Jeff Mash (Skeet Lowery) and Nigel Anthony (Sir Howard Presteign).[22]

Modesty Blaise was originally broadcast from 16–20 June 2014, featuring Neil Maskell as Willie and Alun Armstrong as Tarrant, with Ewan Bailey (Gabriel), Alex Fearns (McWhirter), Matthew Gravelle, John Hollingworth and Hannah Pakeman.[23]

The Silver Mistress was originally broadcast from 13–17 February 2017, featuring Paul Bazely as Willie and Ian McNeice as Tarrant, with Clare Grogan (Clare), Ewan Bailey (Sexton/Colonel Jim), Sara Markland (Lady Janet/Angel) and John Ramm (Quinn).[24]
In popular culture

The theme song „Modesty (Modesty Blaise Theme)“ from the Losey movie was sung by David and Jonathan, with music composed by John Dankworth and lyrics by Benny Green. This appeared on the soundtrack album issued by 20th Century Fox (S 4182) and also as a single on the Fontana label. The album was released on CD by Harkit (HRKCD 8003) in 2001.
Rock group Sparks wrote and recorded a song intended as the theme tune for the aborted TV series. Using an amended title „Modesty Plays“ to avoid trademark infringement, it was released originally in 1982 as a France-only single and subsequently in a new version on their 1986 album Music That You Can Dance To. Singer Russell Mael admits that he is actually singing „Blaise“ not „Plays“.[25]
Closterkeller, a Polish Gothic band, recorded the song „Modesty Blaise“ on their 1992 album Blue, based on the Modesty Blaise character.
The concept of the 1992 album Modesty by the former Yugoslav pop rock band Bel Tempo was inspired by the Modesty Blaise character.[citation needed]
Montt Mardié from Sweden opens his 2005 debut album Drama with a song entitled „Modesty Blaise“.
British group the Direct Hits released their 4-track EP The Modesty Blaise Sessions on The Forbidden Label in 1986. The first track, „Modesty Blaise“, alludes to the character, especially in her comic-strip form.
In the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction, hit-man Vincent Vega is twice seen reading a Modesty Blaise book while seated on the toilet.