There was a touch of indignation in Willie’s voice. ‘I’ve fixed to take Melanie to Le Touquet tomorrow for a couple of days or so.’
‘Which one’s that?’
‘Dark girl with the big mouth—sings at The Pink Flamingo.’
Later … ‘I’m thinking of Melanie.’ Tarrant’s voice was urbane. ‘Dark girl with the big mouth. You mentioned that you’re taking her to Le Touquet tomorrow for a few days.’
Willie grinned and relaxed. ‘Ah, that’s all right,’ he said. ‘She’s basically an eater. I mean food. Goes more for the food than the romance. It won’t break little Melanie’s ’eart if I call the trip off. I’ll send ’er a bunch of violets and a pork pie instead.’
(Sabre-Tooth, chapter 2)