Maureen (1)

Willie Garvin came up with a pile of clothes, his own and Modesty’s. ‘I knew a nurse in Liverpool once,’ he said, pulling on trousers over his wet shorts. ‘She’d got a marvellous theory about the best way to sweat out a cold. All you needed was a double bed, four ’ot water bottles. And her. I always seemed to be feeling a cold coming on in those days, but she’d stop ’em dead. Then I got a real cold. A stinker. Felt like death. So Maureen starts a course of crash treatment on me …’ He shook his head and held out Modesty’s shirt for her to slip on. ‘If she ’adn’t caught the cold off me an’ flaked out ’erself she’d ’ve just about killed me.’
(I, Lucifer, chapter 25)